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Coaches David Adam Kurz and Rob Stein are seasoned real estate leaders and coaches with hundreds of client success stories.


You can expect to hear about business foundation work, the path to growth, leverage, systems, mindset and so much more.


Pavan Agarwal will bring A.I. to life with Angel A.I. Giving you the FREE opportunity to be more efficient in your business. Buying you backTIME, CONTROL AND FREEDOM.


David Adam Kurz, a dynamic real estate professional and business coach, has made significant strides in the industry with Miami serving as his operational epicenter. He exhibits unwavering dedication in assisting his global clientele and has strategically positioned his real estate sales teams across the nation to provide optimal service. Over a decade, David, along with his teams and brokerages, have crossed the impressive milestone of $500M in real estate sales.

As the visionary founder of The Freedom Organization, a firm that provides real estate sales training, coaching, and consulting, David's influence is substantial. He is also at the helm of The Kurz Team, a leading real estate sales team operating in several states. Backed by nearly 20 years of real estate experience, complemented by a decade of serving in the United States Marine Corps, David infuses his unique perspective into business and team growth strategies.Divider

Rob is one of North America’s leading authorities in real estate education. Leveraging his Masters in Education, he’s spent the last 20 years working tirelessly to help others create successful businesses and lives for themselves.

His expertise as an educator sets him apart from other coaches and mentors because he’s able to explain the many complex aspects of building an incredible real estate business in a way that’s easy to understand…and even fun. As a result, Rob has developed a turnkey system that has enabled agents nationwide to generate consistent, six-figure income.

After deciding to create financial prosperity for himself, Rob transitioned from an underpaid, overworked middle school teacher to a top producing agent and team leader, building his business to well over six figures annually, and becoming one of the Top 5% of agents nationwide.

Today, he combines his passion for teaching with his mastery in real estate to help aspiring and experienced real estate agents achieve the financial and time freedom they deserve.

Pavan Shunker Agarwal is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. a recognized Ginnie Mae HMBS (Reverse Mortgage) Issuer, Servicer, and Master Servicer and holds agency approvals with FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Pavan oversees all aspects of Corporate Operations including Lending, Servicing, Secondary Marketing, Investor Relations, Capital Markets, New Mortgage Product Distribution, Quality Control, Compliance and Technology Operations.

Pavan is a key individual contributor to sales through joint venture creation, development, and management with key business partners in the Mortgage, Banking and Credit Union Industries.

Pavan’s base root experience is in complex and high-profile business structures with a special focus in Business Growth and Start Up business divisions. He has a strong background in Enterprise Business Development within Financial Lending and Technical Organizations that include Owned, Contractor, and Third-Party Service Providers. He has extensive experience in contract negotiations and creating and executing intricate business models. He exhibits excellent instincts and skills in High Profile account retention, creation, and acquisition, with a strong emphasis in intellectual property rights. His strengths go far beyond product offerings. His greatest skill is the ability to seamlessly integrate business units, products, and disparate goals into a single architecture that is clearly defined with timelines, milestones, and assigned ownership to help achieve success.


The goal of this tour is 2 fold.

  1. We will discuss failure at a granular level. Helping you break the barriers holding you back in your business.

  2. Give you the methods, tools and systems required in your business to build a strong foundation. A strong foundation gives you the base for any type of business you want to build.

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The Truth About Failure Tour is new for 2023. But we have been hosting conferences, events, masterminds and more for years!

The stages we create have hosted everyone from Tom Ferry to Terrell Owens to the Altman Brothers. Our goal is simple: To positively affect the lives and businesses of more than 1 million people!

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